Meet Our Ministry Leaders


We are currently seeking a new pastor for Breath of Life Ministries.  Please be in prayer with us as we seek God's will for our leadership team.


Rodney Williams 

music ministry

Rodney and his wife, Daphne, have dedicated over 30 years to the worship ministry.  Under his leadership the praise team incorporates a unique blend of contemporary and semi-traditional styles, responding with sensitivity to the movement of the Holy Spirit in our services.  

Cheri Skaggs

Cheri Skaggs

Children's ministry

Cheri and her husband, Greg, have dedicated themselves to the Childrens' Ministry at BOLM since the church was founded in 2011.  As a career educator, Cheri has over 30 years of experience working with children of all ages, preschool through high school.  She loves teaching children how God sees them and how much He loves them. 


Craig Morris

Bible Study

Craig began serving in Christian education as a member of InterVarsity while a student at Western Carolina University.  Since his college days, he's regularly taught both Sunday School and Bible Study.  He loves to dig deep into the text, both in his individual study time and when leading a group.  His classes are full of discussion, and people walk away fulfilled and challenged at the same time.  

Michelle Anderson.jpg

Michelle Anderson

women's ministry

Michelle has a heart for bringing women together to support one another and learn from each other's wisdom and experience.  Our ladies not only learn about the qualities of a Proverbs 31 woman, they exercise those qualities as they minister to others.  

Ray and Judy Mae

Ray and Judy Mae Putnam

outreach and prayer

Ray and Judy Mae have a deep commitment to ministering to the needs of the body, providing the pipeline for prayer requests and praise reports to be shared within our church and beyond.  Need a visit or phone call of support?  Ray and Judy Mae will make sure your need is communicated.  

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Board of Directors

Craig Morris - Chairman

Linley Dew - Financial Director

Lance Harding - Member

Terry Jacot - Member

Lisa Snow - Church Treasurer