To Worship God

To Worship God

by Alisa Dew

From the sermon preached by William Meares on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

There is no wrong way to worship God. He loves when we praise Him. To praise God is to glorify Him. Psalm 50:23 reads that whoever praises the Lord will be blessed, for it (praising Him) glorifies Him.

When I get near to God, he can accomplish in a moment what I cannot do in a lifetime. And, when I worship God, my understanding is awakened.

Moses called people from each tribe to search the lands, but they were all afraid of what they saw. These people saw themselves as “grasshoppers” against many “giants”. Even though they saw a land “flowing with milk and honey,” they saw themselves too weak to go after what God had promised. Caleb, though, stood in defense for himself and against the “giants.” Caleb saw what the others saw but refused to be defeated.

Likewise, I must refuse the schemes of the enemy. He has only come to kill, steal, and destroy. I will fall to the wilderness unless I fight my “giants.” I must look to my God, who promises to deliver me from every affliction. When I look to God and lean not on my own understanding, walls and enemies will fall.

Praise produces victory! Like Caleb, Lord, remind me that You have promised great things. And, like Caleb, let me focus on You not on the “giants.” While others may focus on how big a problem is, let me focus on how BIG GOD IS. “If God is for me, who can be against me?”

If I claim to have faith, let me speak faith! God is able to do exceedingly more than I can ask or imagine according to the faith that works in me. Let me, then, not see myself as a grasshopper but that woman who overcomes the enemy. In spite of my limited mind, my limited reasoning, and my own limited resources, let me profess God’s truth and speak into being all that God has promised. And, in spite of my circumstances, may I praise the Lord and magnify His Holy Name.

When the world crashes in with it’s daily troubles, as it surely does, let there ever be praise on my lips and be reminded that my GOD IS BIGGER THAN ANY PROBLEM I FACE. Nothing can stop me from getting the victory when I praise the Lord. My “harping” on circumstances and troubles only makes the problem seem more intense and gives it power against me. Additionally, focusing on my circumstances rather than on God, limits me from receiving from Him what He desires.

I need to stop talking about how I feel and start talking about God and His promises. Doors will open that I never imagined.

Like Caleb, I must wholly follow God. I cannot be a part-time Christian. It takes a full-time commitment! Remind me, too, Lord that the victory belongs to You! I can have what You have promised, Lord, if I do not grow tired and weary. Further, at just the “right time” and if I don’t give up, I will receive what I believe. So, let me, then, keep praising my Lord who is the Author and Perfecter of my Faith.