The Fragrance of Joy

The Fragrance of Joy

by Alisa Dew

Colossians 1:11

The following blog is based on the sermon by Dennis Bowman from March 18, 2018.  You may request a copy of the entire sermon under our Resources tab.

       Every moment may not be wonderful, but my attitude and how I look at things will make all the difference. No matter the struggles, I can have peace and calm in my life. This is because of the Lord’s Joy within me.

       Life will always have its challenges. Is my life reflecting what’s going on around me or what the Lord has done in me?

      God is The Source of love, kindness, gentleness, etc. Nothing is in my own strength. He gives me all I need. So, how do I live graciously and with an attitude of gratitude?

      There are many battles raging around me. It, then, is my CHOICE whether I do things my way, the world’s way, or God’s Way.

      The fragrance of joy comes from within. IT is nothing I can do without the Lord’s help. And, I mustn’t let the actions or attitudes of others nor my circumstances determine who I am. What makes me and strengthens me is relying on God during times of trials.

      How others see me, a Christian, especially during times of trials, reflects Christ. I am the aroma that others “smell.” I have an impact, a fragrance, on others just as they do on me. I then, must again, determine to not let anything but the good things of the Lord be upon me. Do others “smell” my problems or circumstances, or do they see only a reflection of Jesus?

      God has set me apart for Himself. It is not up to me to fix others or their problems even though I cross paths with them. When I let God work in my life and in the lives of others, great things happen. The distractions of the world and those that come from others hinder me from being who God intends.

      What is within me will be nurtured and grown when I look to God rather than man. He is my Real Source and His word is my instruction; His promise to me.

      Busyness tends to be a stronghold that keeps me from being in God’s Word. It is a deterrent. These “little” things are often part of the deceiver’s plans to keep me from my Lord. So, let me, O Lord, get back to the place of worship - back to the place where I can be with You.

      God’s Word is a gift to me. It is where I gain insight and wisdom. If I do not spend time in His Word and in prayer daily, I miss Jesus and what He has for me. Let me, O God, not miss You. May I be a sweet aroma for You, and may I reflect Your Fragrance of Joy.

      Without a personal relationship with Jesus, my faith means nothing; and I lack the fragrance that the world needs. My priority should be my relationship with Jesus. Secondly, my relationship with my spouse and then other family members will ensue. Thirdly, a right relationship with the Body of Christ is important so that I can, then go out into the world to reach others and spread the fragrance of the Lord.